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The Make It Up As You Go Parenting Method

While talking with some dear friends the other day, we discovered that as parents of small children we’d all been seeing similar ads on social media. Ads for “No Yelling Parenting” or “Let the Kids Win Parenting Method” or “Positive Parenting Solutions.” Clearly, Facebook advertisers can hear us yelling at our children. I’d love to say I’m not yelling, but let’s be honest: for the love of all things holy, just wash your hands after you go potty!

The constant ads have me remembering a day I spent at the aquarium 2 years ago. On that day, while my then 2-year-old daughter played and my then infant son slept in the stroller, I witnessed a struggling parent. In the walkway behind us, another child was having an absolute meltdown. I remember not because it’s out of the ordinary, but because of the mother’s reaction. She was enacting one of those no-yelling parenting methods. As her child screamed and kicked, she calmly breathed in and out: “Let’s breathe. We are having some big feelings right now. Would you like to tell me about those big feelings?” Her son wasn’t having it. He screamed and threw himself on the floor and blocked the walkway. The mom kept it together – bless her sweet soul. I remember standing there, admiring her. I would’ve cracked much sooner. Read More

Jesus Moves In

“Order please,” my 4-year-old daughter asked, marker and notepad in hand. “I’ll take a grilled cheese,” I responded. She went away to the play kitchen, returning a few minutes later with a plate of plastic foods and Legos.

“Yummy,” I said, pretending to eat, “The best grilled cheese yet.” “Mommmmmmy,” Susannah rolled her eyes, “That wasn’t grilled cheese.” “Oh … what was it?” She launched into an epic story – a parable, if you will.

“Well, Mommy, you can’t eat grilled cheese because we don’t have any grilled cheese. The Susannah and Simon Diner got really busy today. Everyone wanted grilled cheese! So, we made A LOT of grilled cheese. Stacks and stacks of grilled cheese. Grilled cheese up to the sky! THEN a giant, giant monster came. He ate up ALL the grilled cheese. Then the diner caught on fire and the monster ran away.”

Then this little storyteller said matter-of-factly, “And that’s why we had to move in with Jesus.”  Read More

Giant Guidance

I stood up on my tippy toes and reached my right hand up as high as I could go, slapping at the taped paper. With my left hand, I gripped the top of the ladder with white knuckles. I thought to myself: don’t die. Do not die today. Your obituary should not read: death by Goliath.

It was Saturday. On Monday, I had had a great idea for a children’s sermon. We’ve been acting out the “Big Bibles Stories” of our faith, and I wanted to make a giant Goliath figure for the week’s story: David and Goliath. The problem was: I had no idea how to do that. Arts and crafts are not my spiritual gift. So, I googled: “how to make a Goliath.” The internet, sometimes being wonderful, took me to a Pinterest page, where a lovely person of faith had created and made available a free download of a 9.5ft Goliath.

There it was, made just for me. A craft for the non-crafty. Just print these 84 pages (yes, 84 pages) and follow this graph to put on your wall. It wasn’t hard …

So they say… Read More 

As a result of having strong roots in love, I ask that you’ll have the power to grasp love’s width and length, height and depth, together with all believers. I ask that you’ll know the love of Christ that is beyond knowledge so that you will be filled entirely with the fullness of God.

Ephesians 3:17-18

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