She Who Cannot Be Contained: To Susannah on Your 4th Birthday

My dearest daughter, Susannah. Today, as you turn 4 years old, you received a special surprise gift, which I purchased at Target many weeks ago. I had gone there in search of a few silly items for you and your brother for Valentines’ Day. You’ll soon learn that a trip to Target always involves buyingContinue reading “She Who Cannot Be Contained: To Susannah on Your 4th Birthday”

Hear the Good News

“Hey! HEY! HEY!!!!! Everyone sit down and listen. It’s Christmas Eve. We are worshipping here in this living room. Jesus is going to be born. AND YOU’RE GOING TO LIKE IT.” My family looked at me like a crazy Pastor-Mom gone wild. I had worked for countless hours putting together a special virtual Christmas EveContinue reading “Hear the Good News”

Poop Pandemic

“Other people are doing puzzles and I’m cleaning poop!” my husband screamed into the universe. It was early corona-tide. Late March 2020. The world was in lock-down. We didn’t yet know about mask-wearing or transmission of air droplets. We were told to stay home at all costs. Many of our friends and family were postingContinue reading “Poop Pandemic”


“The new National Geographic is here” my husband announced as he brought in the mail. “Oooooo. Mysteries of a Virus: They Kill Us by the Millions. But without them, life is impossible”, he said reading the front cover title. “That’s not very nice,” my 3 ½ year old said indignantly from the other room, alwaysContinue reading “Exposed”

Lone Noel

“All we wanted was a Christmas tree!” my daughter proclaimed as she gave herself a face-palm, “But noooooooooo.” She repeated the exact words and tone I had said just minutes before, but they sounded much more dramatic in her 3-year-old voice. My family was huddled in our kitchen. Our hats, coats, and mittens, soggy fromContinue reading “Lone Noel”


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