Mama On Boards

“No! Don’t go!” my children each clung to a leg.  I threw my travel mug and keys on the counter, making my hands available to put one palm on each kid’s soft hair. “I’m sorry, loves. I want to stay, but I have to go to this meeting.”  My 5 year old daughter looked up at me,Continue reading “Mama On Boards”

Writing Prompts

This week I had the privilege to attend a writing workshop at Montreat Conference Center. Every day, I met with a group of 10 writers of all ages and backgrounds. It was a joy to gather with other writers, hear their unique voice come through their pieces, and be stretched in my own. I haven’tContinue reading “Writing Prompts”

Kindergarten Ready?

This morning, my daughter had everything ready to go. She picked out the perfect dress (garnet and lace — just the right amount of style and comfort). She selected her comfort shoes (sparkly gold with a pink bow and light-up rhinestones). She packed her brand new Minnie Mouse backpack. She put the “ready confetti” fromContinue reading “Kindergarten Ready?”

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Balloons

“Nooooooooo,” my 2-year-old son screamed into the sky! “MY BAWOOOON! Come back!” “Well, that balloon’s up in space now,” his big sister said matter of factly. I just stood there, increasingly frustrated, holding onto two small hands, a drink carrier of milkshakes, and a heavy diaper bag that was slowly slipping down my arm. “MYContinue reading “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Balloons”


As I edited pictures from our recent Walt Disney World vacation, I paused at a picture of our 2-year-old son from our “rest day.” I hit the share button and sent it to my husband: “Pretty sure that’s when he had COVID,” I typed. He wrote back: “yeah … but how could we have known?”Continue reading “Let It GO-VID”

Vaccination Day!

“Can you count how many Dory pictures are on that wall?” The nurse asked my just-turned-5-year-old daughter as she tugged up her sleeve. “I see one … two…” she counted. “That’s it! You’re vaccinated!” the amazingly slick pediatric nurse announced. “But I only got to two Dories!” came the little voice, a bit disappointed toContinue reading “Vaccination Day!”

Blue and Yellow

“Mommy, what was that silly word you and Daddy kept saying at dinner?” My 4-year-old daughter asked the other night. “A silly word?” I asked, trying to think of what funny thing we could’ve said, since we were mostly talking about the news of the day. Russia had invaded Ukraine. “That silly word!” She repeated.Continue reading “Blue and Yellow”

When I Grow Up

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” I asked my children. My 2-year-old son hasn’t settled yet. He said, “I go work. I take my bag” My 4-year-old daughter has big plans. She answered, “I’m going to be a mom, and a princess, and work at a church.” We’re all royalty beforeContinue reading “When I Grow Up”


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