She Who Cannot Be Contained: To Susannah on Your 4th Birthday

My dearest daughter, Susannah. Today, as you turn 4 years old, you received a special surprise gift, which I purchased at Target many weeks ago. I had gone there in search of a few silly items for you and your brother for Valentines’ Day. You’ll soon learn that a trip to Target always involves buyingContinue reading “She Who Cannot Be Contained: To Susannah on Your 4th Birthday”

Not Throwing Away My Shot

“Do you have kids?” the paramedic administering my vaccine asked. “Yes. Two barrels of energy. They are 3 and 1.” “A pastor and a mom? Wow.” She said, smiling. “I want to tell you something important. You’ll be scheduling a 2nd dose on the way out, and I want you to do something for me.Continue reading “Not Throwing Away My Shot”

The Reverend Mama: I Love My New Year

“Pete the Cat was walking down the street in his brand-new white shoes.” I heard my Mom’s voice from the other room as she read my son his favorite book, Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes by James Dean and Eric Litwin. (If you aren’t familiar with the Pete the Cat books, youContinue reading “The Reverend Mama: I Love My New Year”