Bear One Another’s Burdens

“Ew yuck” my daughter announced, “Mommy, Simon has a stinky bum.” “He does? I don’t smell anything,” I said, as I gave my son a proper pants check. Looking in, I saw it. She was right – toddler noses tell all. But my nose… my nose smelled nothing. Let me repeat that: my nose smelledContinue reading “Bear One Another’s Burdens”

When Your Heart is Ready

For LBOC, The One We Lost “Name … Birthdate … You’re here for your annual exam? … And you’ve had 3 pregnancies and 2 births.” “Uh Yes,” I replied to the nurse, stunned. “Looks like you’re set then,” she said, as she left. “The doctor will be in shortly.” There it was. Just hanging outContinue reading “When Your Heart is Ready”