Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Balloons

“Nooooooooo,” my 2-year-old son screamed into the sky! “MY BAWOOOON! Come back!” “Well, that balloon’s up in space now,” his big sister said matter of factly. I just stood there, increasingly frustrated, holding onto two small hands, a drink carrier of milkshakes, and a heavy diaper bag that was slowly slipping down my arm. “MYContinue reading “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Balloons”

Vaccination Day!

“Can you count how many Dory pictures are on that wall?” The nurse asked my just-turned-5-year-old daughter as she tugged up her sleeve. “I see one … two…” she counted. “That’s it! You’re vaccinated!” the amazingly slick pediatric nurse announced. “But I only got to two Dories!” came the little voice, a bit disappointed toContinue reading “Vaccination Day!”

The Make It Up As You Go Parenting Method

While talking with some dear friends the other day, we discovered that as parents of small children we’d all been seeing similar ads on social media. Ads for “No Yelling Parenting” or “Let the Kids Win Parenting Method” or “Positive Parenting Solutions.” Clearly, Facebook advertisers can hear us yelling at our children. I’d love toContinue reading “The Make It Up As You Go Parenting Method”

Jesus Moves In

“Order please,” my 4-year-old daughter asked, marker and notepad in hand. “I’ll take a grilled cheese,” I responded. She went away to the play kitchen, returning a few minutes later with a plate of plastic foods and Legos. “Yummy,” I said, pretending to eat, “The best grilled cheese yet.” “Mommmmmmy,” Susannah rolled her eyes, “ThatContinue reading “Jesus Moves In”