Preaching to Stick People

Pandemic Preaching Whenever I walk into the sanctuary now, I greet all the people gathered there. “Hi everyone!” I say into the void, “Miss you all.” Sometimes I wave at specific people. Sometimes my gaze lingers over one or two or three faces (the folks having a particularly rough time). These people, though, never talkContinue reading “Preaching to Stick People”

This Is My Body, Given For You: New Revised Mama Version

In the good ole days (aka that one month I was back at work between maternity leave and the COVID-19 shut down), I pumped breastmilk in my church office while my infant son was at daycare. Working and pumping, pumping and working – trying to nourish a life and a church all at the sameContinue reading “This Is My Body, Given For You: New Revised Mama Version”

Worship at Home, Small Children Edition

The other morning, my 3-year-old daughter was staring intently at her play piano with attached songbook. When asked what she was doing, she said, “I’m getting my service ready on my ‘puter. It’s a lot of work. We can watch it later. On church day.” Children mimic what they see. In this case, my daughterContinue reading “Worship at Home, Small Children Edition”