Not Throwing Away My Shot

“Do you have kids?” the paramedic administering my vaccine asked. “Yes. Two barrels of energy. They are 3 and 1.” “A pastor and a mom? Wow.” She said, smiling. “I want to tell you something important. You’ll be scheduling a 2nd dose on the way out, and I want you to do something for me.Continue reading “Not Throwing Away My Shot”

The Reverend Mama: I Love My New Year

“Pete the Cat was walking down the street in his brand-new white shoes.” I heard my Mom’s voice from the other room as she read my son his favorite book, Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes by James Dean and Eric Litwin. (If you aren’t familiar with the Pete the Cat books, youContinue reading “The Reverend Mama: I Love My New Year”

Home Is Where The Turkey Is

“So what are you planning to do for Thanksgiving?” our pediatrician asked us. “Our family has a big dinner at my Aunt and Uncle’s house with our extended family. There’s 22 of us now. We’re not really sure how we’ll make it work this year.” “Yeah … you can’t make that work this year,” heContinue reading “Home Is Where The Turkey Is”

Through the Altar-ed Glass

AKA 2020 Strikes Again There I was standing on our lawn. The ten billionth day of 2020. 8:30am. Dressed in yoga pants and a t-shirt with a communion table on it that read, “Altars and Altered.” This might sound mostly normal, except for the fact that my right hand was wrapped in bloodied dish ragsContinue reading “Through the Altar-ed Glass”

My 39th Trip Around the Sun

One night after a particularly rough parenting day, my husband reminded me of the time before all this when this big house (church manse) we live in was very, very quiet. “Remember when you lived in this big house all by yourself,” he said, “and you’d order Mexican food on Friday nights and watch NetflixContinue reading “My 39th Trip Around the Sun”

Preaching to Stick People

Pandemic Preaching Whenever I walk into the sanctuary now, I greet all the people gathered there. “Hi everyone!” I say into the void, “Miss you all.” Sometimes I wave at specific people. Sometimes my gaze lingers over one or two or three faces (the folks having a particularly rough time). These people, though, never talkContinue reading “Preaching to Stick People”