The Make It Up As You Go Parenting Method

While talking with some dear friends the other day, we discovered that as parents of small children we’d all been seeing similar ads on social media. Ads for “No Yelling Parenting” or “Let the Kids Win Parenting Method” or “Positive Parenting Solutions.” Clearly, Facebook advertisers can hear us yelling at our children. I’d love toContinue reading “The Make It Up As You Go Parenting Method”

Jesus Moves In

“Order please,” my 4-year-old daughter asked, marker and notepad in hand. “I’ll take a grilled cheese,” I responded. She went away to the play kitchen, returning a few minutes later with a plate of plastic foods and Legos. “Yummy,” I said, pretending to eat, “The best grilled cheese yet.” “Mommmmmmy,” Susannah rolled her eyes, “ThatContinue reading “Jesus Moves In”

A Pastor Looks at Forty

I started to climb out on the rocks. I wanted to get the perfect picture of Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse. My husband called to me as I went out: “Be careful, Love! I didn’t check which ERs are in-network on this trip!” “I’m fine,” I called back, “I spent my whole childhood climbing rocks inContinue reading “A Pastor Looks at Forty”

Bear One Another’s Burdens

“Ew yuck” my daughter announced, “Mommy, Simon has a stinky bum.” “He does? I don’t smell anything,” I said, as I gave my son a proper pants check. Looking in, I saw it. She was right – toddler noses tell all. But my nose… my nose smelled nothing. Let me repeat that: my nose smelledContinue reading “Bear One Another’s Burdens”

When Your Heart is Ready

For LBOC, The One We Lost “Name … Birthdate … You’re here for your annual exam? … And you’ve had 3 pregnancies and 2 births.” “Uh Yes,” I replied to the nurse, stunned. “Looks like you’re set then,” she said, as she left. “The doctor will be in shortly.” There it was. Just hanging outContinue reading “When Your Heart is Ready”